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Best face razor I have used!

My new favorite beauty aid!

I just wish I’d discovered this sooner. It makes my skin look amazing.

It’s an expensive razor!

No difference to a $5 razor!

So Easy

Love my Smoothie Stick. So easy to use with immediate results. Fuzz free smooth skin. Great result


I was given a starter pack of these to try in exchange for an honest review last year, and I was waiting to put in my review as I was comparing it alongside another heavily recommended drugstore brand. I have to say, this brand wins hands down. The smoothness of the shave with these sticks, the comfort and grip of the handle, the ease of getting different angles and the number of times I've been able to use it without getting any cuts has been incredible. I haven't even had to try the spare blade yet because the first one keeps on giving. I'll definitely be buying the replacement blades from here when I need them, and the recycling aspect is just another added bonus. You won't be disappointed with this purchase folks :)

Peach fuzz who?

Smoothie Stick is a game changer for dermaplaning at home. Their razors are next level in terms of quality and effectiveness - leaving your skin silky soft. I am addicted!

Great product

I get more uses than the recommended uses, love that they can be recycled and happy with the results.

Smoothie Stick Starter Pack

So smooth!

These are so easy to use and always make my skin so nice and smooth! I keep buying again and again

'All Set' Pack
Great customer service

Although the Smoothie Stick did not work as I had hoped (my hair grows back very fast with anything - bad genetics I guess!), the customer service was great! I really appreciate the help.

Great product A+

I’ve purchased twice from Smoothie Stick & I’ll continue to purchase their product. Great quality, price & very easy to use. I get many many uses from one Smoothie Stick.

Very easy to use

'All Set' Pack

Smoothie Stick Starter Pack

The razor is super sharp, and the reuseable cotton pad is a good idea. I think you should include a serum or moisturiser or something to put on your face after.

Super Refill Pack

Amazing find

Thanks for this wonderful invention. So happy with the outcome and defuzzing 👏👏❤️❤️

Received really fast and works well

It came in the mail only a couple days after I ordered and it has worked well so far! Would recommend :)

Best Dermaplaning tool I’ve found

After discovering the Smoothie Stick I’ll never go back! I forgot to order my refill recently and was left to find another brand at my chemist while waiting my SS delivery, worst decision. I’ll never use anything other than Smoothie Stick, it gets nice and close but isn’t hard to use. Doesn’t irritate my skin and leaves it glowing, it’s also a super satisfying feeling.

The best!

I have tried a few different brands but smoothie stock are by far the best and the only ones I buy now.Excellent customer service and and am always amazed at how quickly once ordered, that it arrives.

Love it

It’s the best one I’ve ever used and I’ve tried them all. Brilliant product well thought out , Comes with handy little pads to clean the sticks , and the whole design from the cap and the pocket it goes in , shows so much thought put in the design . I chucked out all my old shavers and will be sticking to this product for now on .

Lots to love

Great product, works well, ships really quickly and really like the efforts towards sustainability

Smoothie Stick is AMAZING 🤩

So easy to use and the result is super smooth skin. Follow directions exactly and you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend

So good!

Easily the best face blades I've ever used. Worth the money - get's your hair & dead skin off without a scratch or any discomfort to your face. 10/10!


My skin has never been so smooth and healthy, best product on the market, get around it.