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'All Set' Pack


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Product Description

If you love value, this is the pack for you! The 'All Set Pack' includes our viral 'Starter Pack', the 'Super Refill Pack', and, for fun, our Terry Towelling bag valued at $30 for free! (to keep all your goodies in).

'All Set' Pack Includes

8 x Smoothie Sticks (Stainless Steel)

2 x Reusable Organic Bamboo Pads

1 x Silicone Reusable Handle

1 x Terry Towelling 100% Organic Cotton Makeup Bag

1 x Instruction Pack

Our starter pack includes everything you need for a safe and beginner friendly at-home dermaplaning session. Join others who shave their face with a Smoothie Stick, you won't regret it!

Money Back Guarentee

If you don't love it (unlikely), we will give you your money back!

'All Set' Pack

'All Set' Pack


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
It’s an expensive razor!

No difference to a $5 razor!

Great customer service

Although the Smoothie Stick did not work as I had hoped (my hair grows back very fast with anything - bad genetics I guess!), the customer service was great! I really appreciate the help.


'All Set' Pack

The best!

I have tried a few different brands but smoothie stock are by far the best and the only ones I buy now.Excellent customer service and and am always amazed at how quickly once ordered, that it arrives.

Repurchased again and again

This is one product I have repurchased and will continue to do so with the refill packs. The smoothie stick makes me feel so fresh every time I use it and I’m never disappointed with the quality. Also so much more sustainable being recyclable and using no plastic! You won’t regret this purchase, especially from an Aussie owned small business!

How to Use Smoothie Stick

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smoothie Stick?

Smoothie Stick is a high quality stainless steel dermaplaning tool used to painlessly de-fuzz your face. Smoothie Stick's blade is wrapped in a mesh-like-net, meaning it's super safe to use on ya face. A fuzz-free face helps for flawless makeup application, improved skincare penetration, and exfoliation (and no, the fuzz doesn't grow back darker or thicker). 

Will the hair grow back thicker or darker?

In short, no.

Dermaplaning does not change the number or texture of your hair follicles meaning the hair will grow back just the same as it was before dermaplaning. Many people believe shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, this not the case. Shaving just cuts the end of the hair blunt, and if the hair is already thick and dark, people may interpret this as the hair growing back thicker (like when you shave your legs). Because peach fuzz is so fine, it wont have any impact on the feel or appearance when it grows back. However, that being said, if you have thicker or coarser hair on your face, dermaplaning may not be for you.

Why should I dermaplane?

A fuzz free face reveals smoother, softer skin and provides a perfect base for makeup application. No more foundation building up around the cheek and upper lip area! Dermaplaning also removes dead skin cells, aiding in exfoliation and better penetration for your skincare. Win win!

What makes Smoothie Stick different to other dermaplaning tools?

Smoothie Stick is uniquely made with high quality stainless steel, whereas other dermaplaning tools tend to be made with cheap plastic and blunter blades. Cheap plastic dermaplaning tools are not only bad for the environment, but also tend to cause irritation to the skin (not ideal). Our aim was to provide a dermaplaning tool that not only gives you a smooth shave at an affordable price, but does a part in not contributing to single use plastics.

How long do the Smoothie Sticks last?

We use our Smoothie Stick for around 2-3 sessions before we pop a new refill into the re-usable silicone handle. Old blades can be recycled as per your local council guidelines. When you run out of refills, simply hop onto our website and order a refill pack.

Is it safe and does it hurt?

Smoothie Stick isn't like a regular razor, the blade is covered in a stainless steel micro mesh (like a net) so it's almost impossible to cut yourself if using the Smoothie Stick per the directions and for its intended use. Dermaplaning is virtually pain free, as you are simply shaving your face (not pulling the hairs out like waxing).

Do I dermaplane on wet or dry skin?

Dry skin is best for dermaplaning!

We are so glad you asked. You will get the best results dermaplaning on cleansed, dry, skin. I know you have probably seen it done with various oils and gels, but trust us, dry is best!

Why Choose Us?


Self care is sexy, but single use plastic isn’t. Our razors are 100% stainless steel, so just pop them in the recycling bin once you're done. How good.


We like our online orders to get there as fast as humanly possible. That's why we only offer express shipping! It's free on orders over $50, or $5 otherwise!


Tried dermaplaning before? You won’t believe the quality difference in a Smoothie Stick compared to other brands. Just read our reviews!

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